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S BALASUNDARAM - Vice Chairman kpastrology

S Balasundaram (UTOH)

Prof S Balasundaram born on 16th March 1933 at Sirkazhi, TamilNadu had is education from Thanjore and Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai. His father Srinivasan a close friend of Prof K S Krishnamurti had intuitive power and predicted many events. From childhood Prof Balasundaram had great admiration on planets and its influences on human life and also on mathematical calculations. He the first son in law and most loved disciple of Prof K S Krishnamurti (Married to Smt Baby Bala – First Daughter of Prof K S Krishnamurti), while working for the Ministry of Urban Development during 1960 at Delhi, had the privilege of learning KP system directly from Prof K S K, teaching it at Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan in Prof.KSK’s absence. After the demise of Prof K S Krishnamurti in 1972, Prof S Balasundaram continued in teaching KP System and writings at Delhi.


He authored and released Universal Table of Houses (1st Edition) in 1975. He wrote many articles proving the accuracy of KP System in Astrology & Athirsta (A&A) magazine. As requested by Prof K S Krishnamurti ji, Prof S Balasundaram authored Ephemeris (like 1971 – 80, 1981-90, 1991 – 2000, etc). He revised Universal Tables of Houses in the year 1984 for using it from 0 degrees to 66 degrees 30 minutes which can be used for preparing Janma Kundali throughout the world. In 1986, he wrote and released KP’s Horary Astrology (1-249) Scientific Tables of Houses for All (HASTHA).


He was the associate editor for Astrology for You, run by Prof K Hariharan for K P Stellar Astrological Research Institute. Till his demise on 9th November 2007 at Chennai, he continued in participating all workshops/ conferences “Asian Astrologers’ Meet” conducted by Prof K Hariharan and used to share all his knowledge with students. His book Universal Tables of Houses (UTOH) has been revised by him to be used for any birth time from 1900 till world lasts, but in few softwares and books other people mis-uses name of KP Ayanamsa as Advanced Ayanamsa to confuse students.


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