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KP Method Horoscope

KP Method Horoscope - kpastrology

Krishnamurti Padhdhati

Some are under the wrong impression that the westerners borrowed knowledge from the Hidus; some others say that the Hindus gained knowledge from the chaldeans.Hebrews, Greeks and so on. Is the view correct? The sages and the scholars in each country gazed at the stars, thousands of years ago, and they discovered the relation between the celestial phenomena and the terrestrial incidents. They established some methods to fix the position of planets in the Zodiac and the consequent effect on the animate and inanimate objects on the earth. If one has studied both the systems, one will declare that neither the Hindus borrowed from the westerners, nor vice-versa.


Suppose some students appeared for mathematical examination; copies of the question paper were distributed to them. All weare busy answering them. The superintendent caught the answers written by another student, seated in front of him. He took this student and complained to the Headmaster that he had been copying in the examination hall. On enquiry, the student repeatedly said that he had not copied at all. The headmaster called for the answer papers of both students and compared them. He declared that the students had not copied at all and the complaint was baseless.


The students, who was accused to have copied, has answered the question 1,3,4, and 7 in the question paper, whereas the other student had answered question 2,4,6 and 8. Hence, the Headmaster who has gone through both the papers alone could know the truth. The superintendent who saw this student writing fast, and also, off and on, looking at the other student’s table, had gone through both the papers alone writing fast, and also, off and on, looking at the other student’s table, had mistake him, because both answered the same mathematics paper. Similarly, only when one studies both the western and Hindu System, one will comfirm that the methods followed by either.


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