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AN INTERVIEW WITH Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti

Visitor: Is Astrology a Science?

KSK : Why do you doubt? It is a divine Science to read the divine plan by referring to the nature- the creation of God.

Visitor: It is not clear.


I: It is a Science. Birth and Death, Pleasure or plan, gain or loss, health and wealth are all enjoyed or experienced according to the divine plan. The only scientific and correct method of knowing the Divine plan is by applying the principle of Astrology.

Visitor: Is it possible to predict anything and everything?

I: For every Science, there is a limitation. This is why Researches are being made to improve the existing ones and to Supplement also. Efforts are being made to near perfection.

Visitor: Within that limitation, can one predict accurately?

I: Yes, yet the fate of the consultant should also be included if one has to be disappointed at a particular time however much learned the Astrologer may be in his case he is to err and
He must get wrong prediction, the time of the event predicated being the aquarist’s unfortunate time.

Visitor: If it is a Science, how can prediction go wrong?

I: Is not Medicine a Science? Say people suffering from Typhoid are admitted in a Hospital; to all of them widal test was positive. The doctor administers mostly the same medicine. Say, one aged 24 and the other 30 die, the third had a relapse whereas others recovered. What do you say? Doctor same-Science same-disease same-Medicine same.

Visitor: True

I: How do you classify them as Astrologers? Because they how the spelling of Sun and Moon; or they produce some slokas; or they are born in that family; or they continue to call themselves as old, veteran Astrologers, in spite of their miserable failure. If you approach such people, you will lose faith and you will call it as a pseudo science.

Visitor: Suppose I want to know something, can Astrology help me in that matter?

I. I told you that our brains have limitations. The Science also has limitation. Within that limit, if you ask, correctly, it could be predicated.

Visitor: Can one correctly predict whether the pregnant mother can have a male or female child?

I. Predictions on natal charts are give taking the moment of birth. This moment is never changeable. It is only one moment. Suppose a boy is born. He, after some time becomes a female. How can one say from the chart it belongs to a boy or a girl, as the moment of birth and hence the horoscope remains the same? Similarly, the moment of epoch, which could be, calculate only after the birth is a single moment. If one does research taking the moment of epoch, it also can’t throw light. Twins are born at the same time, one boy, one girl. Hence no method is so far found. Research is being carried out. At present there is no science to predict this. It should be discovered. If any one declares that he can predict, he is a bluffer. If you had contact only with them, you are not in full wrong in deciding that the Science is a pseudo one. But you are correct when you say that the so called scientist us wrong and you can’t over-estimate yourself and pass any remark on the developed day by day in leaps and bounds. Yes, do not see in the case -sheets ” Disease undiagnosed?” Even if medicine can be developed to a good extend, can they bring back the lives of al the dead? Every-where there is limitation.

Visitor: If it is so, what is the use of Astrology?

I: Daily don’t you see that people carry the dead from the hospital? When some people admitted in the hospital do not walk to their home back but are carried away to cremation ground, are you wise in advising people not to admit in the their destiny? Similarly, if a few predictions fail, are you to conclude that Astrology is not science?
Take the instances wherein a person expects, something. But he experiences something else as predicated by the Astrologer. The Astrologer does not know your affairs in full as much as you know. He takes only the moment when you meet him or takes a number from to you. He is able to predict correctly. This event, which he predicts, is not expected by you. Then what do you say?

Visitor: It may be a guess.

I: No! guess comes after knowing the past. Here he does not know the past. Guess can be the habit of a few Astrologers after reading newspapers or knowing the past and present circumstances. If they come correct, they jump. If the fail, they offer lame excuses. The never talk pains to know whether the method which they follow is university applicable. Even when they know that it comes correct only in a few an miserably fail in many, they have no other go. Their pots have to boil; business has to go on. Such astrologers without opening they eyes of other or simply throwing dust on others eyes, they apply such general principle and carry on their living; it appears as through they do not take pains to find out that happened to the predictions offered by presume that they would come true; or what does it matter whether it proves correct or not; or they probably know that If at all it comes correct, well and good; if not, the world is wide

Only such astrologers bring ridicule to the Diving Science without bringing to the notices to the notice of the queriest the limitations.

My final prayer to God is that this science may be used only to find auspicious time for celebration of marriage, admission in schools and colleges, construction of mansions, purchase of car, jewels, etc., admission of expectant mother in nursing home, opening account in a bank, etc., that all of us may be so happy and prosperous that astrology finds no necessary to offer mental solace, as I pray that everybody should be crowed with success.
Peaces, Pleasure and prosperity be to all of us

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