Institute - kpastrology


Institute - kpastrology

K P Stellar Astrological Research Institute

Krishnamurti Padhdhati Stellar Astrological Research Institute – KPSARI, Chennai started in the early 1980s by Prof K Hariharan at Mount Road with very few students started growing immensely in teaching the art of predictions through KP System and have grown up to more than 10000 followers from around globe.


Presently Prof K Hariharan, Smt Sreevidhya Hariharan and Sri H. Vignesh Krishnamurti conducts classes across India and abroad in English, Tamil & Hindi medium.


The mission of our Institute is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education and research in the stream of astrology at the highest levels of excellence.


Core Values

  1. 1. Encouragement of questioning and researching spirit
  2. 2. Strong support for individual or group researchers
  3. 3. Education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life
  4. 4. The inter-relationship between teaching and research


The Institute’s relationship with Students

  1. 1. The widest possible student access to any astrological institute
  2. 2. Dedicated workshops to students directly from the Masters to clear doubts and avoid confusions     created in blogs and groups in social networking sites
  3. 3. Annual book fair and astrological fair/ conferences across India and abroad


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