K Hariharan - Chairman of kpastrology


K Hariharan - Chairman of kpastrology


K hariharan

Prof. K. Hariharan (S/o. Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti), Chairman and Founder – K P Stellar Astrological Research Institute – Chennai. Born on the 15th February 1953 to the greatest master-mind of astrology, the International repute Jyothida Mannan, Jyotish Marthand. Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti & Smt Mangalam Krishnamurti, Sri. K. Hariharan had his university education in the City of Madras. A chip of the old block as he is, no wonder he imbibed the intellect and acumen of his late father and fathomed deep in the ocean of astrological research quite early in his career. He took to teaching and practising of astrology with a view to enriching its usefulness in India as well as other regions of the world. Soon after the demise of the late Prof. Krishnamurti in 1972, Sri. Hariharan had to shoulder onerous duties of his family in addition to business. Accordingly, he became a partner and co-editor of the illustrious magazine “Astrology and Athrishta” from 1972 wherein he contributed scholarly articles also.


Parallely he continued institute engaged in fruitful astrological research and investigation carrying on the lofty mission and passion of the astrological wizard of the world. In addition to this Sri. Hariharan is continuing to enrich the world of astrology by propagating it on sound rational and precise way as his father did through his correspondence courses in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and other regional languages of the country. And has taken regular teaching classes of KP system from 04th December 1981.


In the same way as his illustrious father, he is greatly devoted to Lord Uchishta Maha Ganapathi and Neela Saraswati’s grace and ardent devotion to his Spritual Guru Yathi Sri His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ramananendra Saraswathi Maharaj, His Holiness Sri Sri Rambhavu Goswamy Maharaj of Thanjore Mutt and continued to edit and publish the best astrological literature (as 32 titles as on 2014) in English & Tamil. Prof. Hariharan has conducted 30+ International Astrological Conferences “Asian Astrologers’ Meet” every year on 1st November in remembrance to our Guruji Prof K S K and 100s of workshop, seminars around the globe benefitting 10000+ students. Were he rewarded all his students of this Institute with medals and certificates. He is conducting regular daily / postal classes for more than three decades. He teaches astrology in just 30 hours on regular lectures. Sri. Hariharan goes by the dictum that “nature know no pause in progress and development and the knowledge given by God’s gift in trust must be put in circulation for the good of mankind.”


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