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A book lover, like the King Swan, is discriminate in choosing his books. And good books, they say, are those that are opened with expectation and closed with profit. If you are looking for such books in astrology, surely you have them in KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI. Readers 1 to VI. Krishnamurthi Padhdhati was previously printed in two volumes covering about 950 pages. The material therein included research upto 1964.

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Astrology :: Hindu And Western

Some are under the wrong impression that the westerners borrowed knowledge from the Hindus.

some others say that Hindus gained knowledge from the chaldeans.Hebrews, Greeks and so on. Is the view correct? The sages and the scholars in each country gazed at the at the stars, thousands of years ago and they discovered the relation between the celestial phenomena and the terrestrial incidents. Suppose some students appeared for mathematical examination; copies of the question paper were distributed to them. All weare busy answering them. The superintendent caught the answers written by another student, seated in front of him.

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31 OCT & 01 NOV
Asian Astrologers’ Meet 2015

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